Bed & breakfast in Giverny in Normandy

Stay at the Ô Plum’ART bed & breakfast in Giverny in Normandy and enjoy the wonderfully peaceful feel of its captivating and poetic surroundings. Just a few kilometres from Le Jardin des Plumes, the air-conditioned property gives you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing stay with family or friends.

Continue your hospitality experience in a property which is steeped in history: Ô Plum’ART was originally a dairyman’s house, built in 1906. With the help of Mathilde Vercruysse (MAJA-M), the architect (Atelier Philippe Papy) has created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with 6 rooms and an original tea room.

Weekly closing: Monday and Tuesday


12 rue Claude Monet
Tel. +33 2 32 54 26 35

A beautifully peaceful haven

In this cosy country house with its blue shutters, subtly evoking the colours of Le Jardin des Plumes, the design and decoration are worthy of one of the most beautiful contemporary art galleries. The waxed concrete floor features geometric shapes, an ode to Mondrian’s paintings. Furniture and ornaments all come from local antique shops and add real elegance and create a sophisticated feel in a world of omnipresent white.

A stay at the Ô Plum’ART bed & breakfast is a chance to enjoy the comfortable facilities and stunning design of one of the 6 bedrooms, including 3 family rooms, located on the property’s 3 floors. The original dimensions of each room have been maintained; this bright and generously proportioned accommodation offers an immediate feeling of relaxation. 5 of the rooms have a view of the garden, while the final room boasts direct and private access from the outside