Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant
in Normandy 

Le Jardin des Plumes, an intimate and contemporary setting in Giverny

Working with the architect and interior designer Philippe Papy, David Gallienne has created Giverny an intimate and cosy setting where diners can sit down to savour the delicious stories told every day by the Chef and his teams. 

Tucked away in an alcove, curled up in large comfortable armchairs or sitting on high stools, the restaurant’s diners have a front-row ticket to an incredible show.

Diners can marvel at the mysterious and complex choreography of the teams at work in the restaurant’s open-plan kitchen, which is subtly showcased by the Michelin-starred restaurant’s lighting. 

When warmer weather arrives, it’s a delight to sit out on the gourmet restaurant’s terrace in the cool shade of the grounds and to soak up the stunning natural surroundings of Giverny.
  In this setting, where peace and quiet reign supreme, there’s just one thing to do: savour it. 

The Gallienne approach or the joy of hospitality 

In his gourmet restaurant Giverny in Normandy, David Gallienne has turned generosity and hospitality into art forms. 

The Chef and his teams offer diners a warm welcome and are delighted to advise and to tell the story of each dish on the menu. 

Helpful and quick-thinking staff offer incredibly professional service with a relaxed feel to ensure that every meal at David Gallienne’s Michelin-starred restaurant is a wonderfully unforgettable experience.